Inspirations - Ontario, Canada

Luke’s artwork is inspired by the outdoors and nature and has been influenced by the sites and scenery growing up in Ontario, Canada.  Luke’s hometown and surrounding area provides an abundance of visual stimulus including picturesque wooded areas, bush, wetlands, forests, rivers and streams.  

The area is also home to many animal species including deer, coyotes, fox, rabbits, small birds, hawks, owls and eagles to name a few.  Ontario’s climate and scenery changes frequently as it is represented by all four seasons.  Ontario experiences hot dry summers and very cold and snowy Canadian winters.  

The vibrant colors of changing leaves in fall and sparkling colours of melting snow in spring also provides striking images. The region is also in close proximity to the local farming industry with many large and beautiful lakes a short drive away.

Inspirations - Azores, Portugal

Luke also takes inspiration from his family vacations to visit family in the remote tropical islands in Azores, Portugal.  The lush, volcanic, and mountainous islands are located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean situated between Newfoundland, Canada, and continental Europe.  

The Azores Islands provide a pristine and breathtaking backdrop to stimulate Luke’s visual interests.  The largely untouched islands are surrounded by deep blue ocean that meets dark lava rock mountain terrain.  Old fishing boats line the ocean shoreline while large freshwater lakes are situated high above sea level in densely bushed mountain tops.  Glistering fresh water falls from atop the steep mountain sides into the ocean below.  

Family farms are nestled in steep mountain ranges while bright blue coloured flowers border the islands winding and narrow roads.   The Azores towns and villages exhibit brilliant and traditional European architecture that illicit exciting artistic inspiration.

Special Inspirations

Luke considers himself fortunate to have a large and supporting family consisting of his mother, father, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  Luke also considers himself lucky to have many friends from school and in the local community especially from participation in hockey and baseball. 

However, sometimes in our life there are genuine individuals who connect, inspire, and encourage beyond what is expected or thought possible.   These people make a distinct mark in your life and connect in ways that are sometimes difficult to explain.  

Luke feels extremely grateful to have already experienced two individuals that have touched his life in a special way.  Sean and Sonja will always hold a special place in his heart.